Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Male Enhancement and how NuVirile can help:

These are common questions we had during our testing period.


What is the recommended dosage of NuVirile?

Answer; The recommended dosage is 1 (one) capsule daily or within any 24 hour period of time. Only one (1) capsule of NuVirile is needed to be taken and it starts to work in as little as 45 minutes and will last up to 48 hours.

Why is NuVirile a Doctor Approved product?

Answer; NuVirile is Doctor Approved as an All Natural Superior Alternative to prescription drugs. Primarily because it is far safer and the effects of NuVirile last much longer than any prescription drugs. Then of course there's the severe price difference between almost all other products on the market both prescription and natural compared to the NuVirile's price of only $29.95.

Are there any side effects to taking NuVirile?

Answer; There are no reported adverse side effects and all test subjects had no side effects during testing. However, those individuals with pre-existing health conditions and/or take any other medications should always consult a doctor before taking any new herbal supplement.

Can woman take NuVirile?

Answer; Yes, female test subjects did receive similar effects however only 50% of test subjects received these effects.

Is NuVirile effective on everyone?

Answer; Test subjects age ranged from 21 to 70 and 92% of these individuals all received the desired results with no reported side effects. Most test subject enjoyed these effects for a full 48 hour period.

Can NuVirile be taken with alcohol?

Answer; Yes, it is safe to take NuVirile at the same time you are drinking alcohol.

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